In what can only be described as “technology meeting efficacy without compromise,” the first product to use the ComboCap oral delivery system has made its appearance on the global stage. Introducing Hydroxycut® SX-7® Revolution Ultimate Thermogenic by MuscleTech – an energy, weight-loss and neurosensory supplement that’s available exclusively at GNC. It’s the world’s first and only side-by-side dual delivery combination capsule.

MuscleTech® researchers and experts at ComboCap, Inc collaborated to formulate this ingenious product, creating a pill with active ingredients that together, produce unrivalled results. These revolutionary dual capsules are able to house liquid and powder ingredients separately, divided by an impermeable membrane, thus maintaining the physical integrity of both substances.

It all started with a problem. Powders are the favourite delivery system for many pill products, because you can get more active ingredients in the right doses. However some ingredients are best taken as liquids. No pill technology had effectively addressed this problem, until now.

For MuscleTech®, this technology is the way forward for its fitness supplements. And for ComboCap, it’s a revolutionary step towards even greater heights as the product begins to permeate the market and demonstrate its efficacy as an effective solution for dual-dose medicines.

About ComboCap
ComboCap, Inc. is a technology company with global potential in the pharmaceutical & nutraceutical industries that has developed the world’s first dual-chamber oral capsule with a movable membrane.  This patented technology targets the burgeoning global combination therapy products market where no universally attractive “wet & dry,” split-dose solution exists. ComboCap has developed specialized manufacturing equipment and services to offer customized products as well as turn-key customized finished product solutions to clients worldwide.