ComboCap, Inc., now known as ComboCap Health, is a product technology company with global reach across the dietary supplement, nutraceutical and medicinal industries. We have developed, manufactured and patented the design, the technology and the specialized equipment used in producing the world’s first 2-in-1 capsule product with a movable membrane. We design, build and use our own enabling ComboCap® production lines and are the sole supplier of ComboCap products to businesses globally. For the first time, two substances such as oil and powder ingredients can be combined side-by-side within a single product.  ComboCap has been manufacturing in the USA since early 2017.





The ComboCap technology allows for two disparate substances to be housed separately in a single product. Wet and dry ingredients can be combined, such as oil and powder. In addition to convenience, and depending on ingredients, other benefits may include better bioavailability, greater product stability and entirely new possibilities for dual-dose medicines.



Brand new innovative products as well as never-before-possible combinations are now a real possibility with the execution of ComboCap technology. As the efficiency of delivery is boosted by the dual chamber product, lower doses may be required and side effects could be reduced. The product possibilities are endless.



In addition to the application of our patented technology, ComboCap, Inc. can provide end-to-end services for producing cutting-edge combinations of ingestible capsule products. From creation and formulation to manufacture, we offer some or all of the collaborative services any great brand needs.


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