February 19, 2019
Contact:  Tobie Louw, CEO, ComboCap, Inc.
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The companies to launch an innovative new global probiotics product category
using dual-chamber capsule technology

Whippany, NJ (February 19, 2019) ComboCap, Inc., the creator of the world’s only side-by-side, dual-chamber, wet-and-dry combination capsule, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Lallemand Health Solutions, a global pioneer in probiotic solutions. This is a long-term, exclusive partnership and license agreement for the co-development of unique side-by-side dual-chamber wet-and-dry probiotic ComboCap® products.

ComboCap capsules in hand“This partnership is a game-changer for us”, says ComboCap CEO, Tobie Louw. ”Together with Lallemand, the potential for developing highly beneficial new products and quickly introducing them to market has just increased exponentially. We will immediately begin perfecting the Lallemand/ComboCap® first-to-market solutions for unlimited oral wet-and-dry probiotic combinations previously unavailable because of ingredient incompatibility. ”

“We are incredibly proud to be ComboCap®’s new strategic partner. This is a new step for us as an innovative health-centric organization to research further, develop and create new custom ready-to-market probiotic solutions that positively impact human health,” said Jérôme Panes, President and General Manager of Lallemand Health Solutions.

The key product benefits of probiotic ComboCap® products containing clinically documented Harmonium, Lafti® or Rosell® probiotic strains from Lallemand Health Solutions are:

  • an unlimited efficacy of potential dual-dose combinations, including probiotic strains + liquids or pastes such as Omega oils, CBD oils, or botanical extracts
  • a large chamber size and sealed-in liquids
  • a moveable membrane to control and vary dosing

This new product category offering will allow companies to bring added convenience and value to their product ranges by creating products that are unique, have high visual appeal, and are simple for the consumers to use.

For more information on this exciting new product offering, contact either Tobie Louw, ComboCap, Inc. CEO at or Isabelle Champié, Lallemand Sales and Marketing Director at


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About Lallemand
Lallemand Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company specialising in the development, production and marketing of yeast, bacteria, and other ingredients linked to these microorganisms or their industries.

Lallemand Health Solutions
Backed by 85 years of science and expertise in probiotic research and development, Lallemand Health Solutions offers a full line of over 500 ready-to-market probiotic formulas and can help their partners design their own custom formulations using Harmonium, Lafti® or Rosell® probiotic strains and our proprietary protective technologies. Lallemand Health Solutions controls the manufacturing process of its products from lab to the shelf, to ensure customers receive the highest quality probiotic formulation. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we guarantee our partners receive the full support they need to develop, register, and market their products, making Lallemand Health Solutions a complete probiotic solutions provider.

Lallemand Health Solutions covers more than 60 countries across five continents and is ready to service your probiotic needs. For more information, please visit, or contact

About ComboCap, Inc.
ComboCap, Inc., doing business as ComboCap Health™, was founded by Jacques van Rooyen in Cape Town, South Africa. After seven years of research and development that spanned the globe, the company launched operations in the U.S. in 2016. Today, ComboCap, Inc. operates a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Whippany, NJ.

ComboCap Health is the creator of a new global ComboCap® product category, comprising the world’s first side-by-side, dual-chamber, wet-and-dry combination capsule product with a movable membrane. ComboCap® products enable an entirely new category of combination therapies for the pharmaceutical & nutraceutical industries. The patented technology enables combination therapy products never before possible. ComboCap, Inc. owns all manufacturing rights and trademarks and holds broad international patents on the design, machinery, process and product including throughout North America, Asia, EU, and Australia.  For more information please visit or contact