All Systems Go!

An Excited ComboCap Team Completes A Successful Run From Manufacturing to Delivery at its Proprietary Facility in Whippany, NJ

ComboCap, Inc. staff took a well-deserved bow as they wrapped up and shipped a large order on Friday, February 8, 2019.

Since the lease was signed at the beginning of Q2 2018, we’ve been running flat out to get the facilities, equipment and processes perfected. The 50,000 s.f. stand-alone ComboCap plant has five production lines with an additional R&D line at our Research and Tech Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. The plant in New Jersey has an initial rated capacity of 20 million units per month with maximum capacity of 80 to 100 million units per month estimated to be reached between 2020 and 2024. We reserve the R&D line in Cape Town for upgrades and improvements, which can then be implemented on the production lines in the USA.

The site formerly housed an industry-leading organization providing turnkey contract packaging, repackaging and manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical, OTC, dietary supplements, animal health, consumer health and medical device markets.  As with the former occupant, ComboCap, Inc. is continuing the standards that were established for this location. Our personnel, equipment and facilities are guided by exacting processes and procedures. The facilities are all FDA registered. The FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) will govern standard operating procedures. Our organization will meet and exceed FDA standards for 21 CFR, Parts 210 and 211, 21 CFR 820, and 21 CFR 111. ComboCap fully intends to use this facility to produce future OTC and Rx ComboCap Products in addition to the nutraceutical products we are currently making.