New York: Binutra, a global technology company serving the nutraceutical, pharma and biopharma industries, announced today that it is changing its corporate name to ComboCap, Inc.  The name change reflects the company’s primary product – combo capsules, and its expertise in creating an innovation platform on which to build never-before possible combination therapies delivered in one oral capsule.

“The new name – ComboCap, Inc – allows us more transparency and immediate recognition since the name of our product is ComboCap™”, said Tobie Louw, CEO of ComboCap, Inc.  “The ComboCap™ is a patented, dual-chamber, 2-in-1 capsule with a movable membrane. This membrane controls the separation and release of two distinct ingredients in a single dose.”

Louw goes on to say, “We truly have the potential to help create breakthroughs in combination therapies in healthcare – in dietary supplements, in pharmaceuticals and in biopharma. We also enable the combination of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical together in one oral dose, especially when these involve both a  liquid and a dry ingredient. ”

ComboCap, Inc. works together with its customers and with pharmaceutical R&D labs by planning, formulating and launching innovative products that offer the consumer more convenient, more cost efficient and, most importantly, more effective choices.

The ComboCap technology, equipment and manufacturing are all part of the patented process which fundamentally enables countless new innovations in both medicine and nutritional supplements. Senior executives and research experts from the world’s leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies who have attended early demonstrations, have called the ComboCap innovation platform a game changer in the area of combination therapies.

The new name is effective immediately, and will be implemented across the company’s product and services throughout the calendar year 2017.

About ComboCap
ComboCap, Inc. is a technology company with global potential in the pharmaceutical & nutraceutical industries that has developed the world’s first dual-chamber oral capsule with a movable membrane.  This patented technology targets the burgeoning global combination therapy products market where no universally attractive “wet & dry,” split-dose solution exists. ComboCap has developed specialized manufacturing equipment and services to offer customized products as well as turn-key customized finished product solutions to clients worldwide.